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            Recommended VW car workshops and mechanics that offer the service - Engine oil and oil filter change

            There are 4 car workshops and mechanics on our platform that support the brand VW and offer the service - Engine oil and oil filter change!

            Are you looking for a specialized VAG car workshop or a mechanic that can be entrusted with the maintenance of your VW? Whether you are looking for a simple replacement of the brake pads, a quick check-up before the technical inspection, or maybe a bit of Tuning, our recommended workshops can do any service your VW needs. Choose one of our recommended VAG car workshops and let experts take care of your car.



            8. oktobra 23, 75246 Čelić

            7.1 km from your location

            +387 62 *** *** ***


            Mr. Abdulaha Kovačevića 53, 75246 Čelić

            5.7 km from your location

            +387 61 *** *** ***

            Engine oil and oil filter change

            Oil change is the most basic car maintenance activity. It is not performed without a reason - engine oil provides every single engine with lubrication and cooling. It is one of those components that wear particularly quickly if an engine is overstrained and not provided with sufficient lubrication, i.e. when driving short distances, especially in the city. Oil change should always be accompanied by an oil filter change. An oil filter cleans engine oil of micro-contaminants, which affect engine operation.

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