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            Recommended Peugeot car workshops and mechanics from Banovići Selo that offer the service Clutch cover replacement

            There are 6 car workshops and mechanics from Banovići Selo that support the brand Peugeot and offer the service - Clutch cover replacement!

            Because Peugeot is a popular and widespread car brand, it is natural that a lot of workshops offer services for it, but what workshop should you pick? Regardless if you are looking for something simple like a periodic inspection, or something complex like the clutch replacement, our experienced car workshops can handle any service your Peugeot needs. Browse our recommended workshops and pick the best one for your Peugeot.

            Clutch cover replacement

            The clutch engages or disengages the drive between the engine and the transmission. If it weren't for the clutch, you would be unable to pull away smoothly, change gears while driving or keep the engine on after stopping. The clutch is comprised of a disc, a pressure plate pressed against the flywheel, and a thrust bearing. The pressure exerted by the pressure plate on the disc ensures efficient cooperation between the two elements. If it is too low it causes quicker wear of both elements. You can tell that they are worn by a strange noise produced upon pressing the clutch pedal. Sometimes the pedal is hard to press and you have difficulty changing gears. If you ignore this symptom, you may ruin the gearbox or the engine.

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