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            The battery is the basic source of electrical power in the car, used primarily to start the engine. When starting, the engine consumes the most energy. At -20 degrees centigrade a new battery has only 40% of its original capacity, while the engine needs three times more power than normally to be started. This is how low temperatures affect the operation of the battery. Car batteries have two basic parameters: capacity (Ah) and the starting current (A). The capacity depends on the size of the battery, so when you buy a new one, follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. The starting current expressed in amperes (A) is very important; the higher the value, the easier the starting of the engine. Problems with power or lack of proper charging are not always caused by the battery. You should first check the electrical system before you decide to change the battery. Find out more about the service

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            Булвария Варна

            бул. Янош Хуняди 7, 9000 Варна

            +359 88 *** *** ***
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            • Battery replacement
              from10,00 BGN
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            • Battery replacement
              from12,00 BGN

            Коди-Д ООД

            ул. АЛЕКСАНДЪР СТАМБОЛИЙСКИ No 104, 2240 Годеч

            +359 88 *** *** ***

            Разновидности от услуги
            30 години на пазара на услугите свързани с Моторните Превозни Средства.
            Какво предлагаме на нашите клиенти:
            -Годишни технически прегледи на всички видове превозни средства(Лекотоварни,Тежкотоварни автомобили , Мотори,Мотопеди,АТВ,УТВ) 
            -Ремонти на Ходова част,Двители,Електроника на Тежкотоварни ,Лекотоварни автомобили и Агротехника.
            -Автомобилна Диагностика
            -Реглажи за сходимост и наклони
            -Автомобилни застраховки
            -Авточасти и автоаксесоари
            -Следете ремонтите си с наща апликация / онлайн сервизна книжка
            -Известяваме ви за : Преглед,Застраховка,Смяна на масло.
            В комплекса ще ви посрещнем уютно в нашето кафене можем и да измием и автомобилът ви на нашата Автомовка

            Диагностика и ремонт на двигатели и ходова част, климатични системи, смяна на масло за автоматици, компютърен реглаж (сходимост), компютърна диагностика, ГТП, застраховки, авто, агро и камион сервиз, авточасти ,автомовка и кафе
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            • Battery replacement
              from5,00 BGN

            D-Bros Automotive-Vag Performance Center Sofia

            D-Bros Automotive LTD, бул. ,,Ботевградско шосе 431 “, 1839 София, България, 1000 София

            +359 87 *** *** ***

            Q-Service БМ Ауто

            ул.Поп Димитър 3, 9000 Варна

            +359 88 *** *** ***

            Автосервиз BM AUTO се намираме на адрес в гр. Варна, с. о. Пчелина 891(на кръстовището между бул. Цар Освободител и ул. Поп Димитър). Сервизът предлага комплексно обслужване за Вашия автомобил.

            Част от услугите, които предлагаме са следните:

            1. Пълна компютърна диагностика на бензинови и дизелови автомобили (Елкон: двигател, ABS, ESP, ASR, SRS, SBC, и др.), адаптации на сменени компоненти, зануляване на сервизни интервали, проверка и замерване на инсталации;

            2. Смяна на масла и филтри: разполагаме с марки Castrol, Aral, Total,Bardahl,Coma,Mobil покриващо най- високите изисквания на съвременните бензинови и дизелови двигатели. Възможно е доставката и смяна и друга марка масло по желание на клиента;

            3. Смяна на масло + филтър на автоматични трансмисии;

            4. Смяна на ремъци и ролки и вериги;

            5. Ремонт на ходова част;

            6. Ремонт на двигатели;

            7. Ремонт на скоростни кутии;

            8. Ремонт на спирачна система;

            9. Почистване и цялостно решения на DPF и FAP системи.

            10. Профилактика и ремонт на климатични системи.

            11. Диагностика и ремонт на турбини.

            12. Ел. услуги.

            13. Ремонт, диагностика и рециклиране на въздушно окачване. 

            Сервизът предлага висококачествени услуги, с гаранция за извършените ремонти. Предлагаме и резервни части за всички автомобили, ванове и микробуси.

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            • Battery replacement
              from5,00 BGN
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            • Battery replacement
              from10,00 BGN
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            Battery replacement


            • Change your battery every 4 years, especially if you have a diesel engine, as it consumes more power on starting and makes the battery wear much faster than the petrol engine
            • When buying a new battery pay attention to the starting current value
            • If you have enough space to fit in a bigger capacity battery, don't exceed it by more than 10% of the value recommended by the manufacturer
            • Take care of the electrical system, especially in the fall, when it is exposed to a lot of moisture
            • Poor charging or starting problems should not always be attributed to the battery
            • Never add electrolyte to a maintenance-free battery
            • To charge the battery use a special charger. Remember, though, that discharging the battery completely significantly reduces its lifespan.

            Scope of services

            • Unscrewing the bolts holding the battery
            • Disconnecting the battery
            • Fitting a new battery in
            • Measuring the charging current

            Service Description

            Winter is definitely the worst season of the year for the battery. This is when you should regularly check its condition and, if necessary, replace it before severe frost sets in, the more so if you drive your car only occasionally and over short distances.

            Assuming that your battery operates at 100 % of its capacity at the temperature of 20 degrees centigrade, its potential decreases to 40% at minus 18 degrees centigrade, affecting the performance of your car. This is why sub-zero temperatures are a true test for the battery. When exposed to low temperatures, the starter consumes more power than in standard conditions. The engine oil, which thickens when exposed to sub-zero temperatures, makes the situation all the more worse. Consequently, in winter, the car battery has to face many more challenges than when exposed to neutral or higher temperatures. Remember that a misused battery may fail you not only in the winter, but also in the summer.

            Battery problems

            Inadequate power supply is the most frequently encountered issue, especially if you fail to check your battery in the autumn. What affects its operation?

            The basic problem is driving over short distances. The starter motor consumes a lot of energy to start the engine, but a short-distance drive is not enough for the alternator to charge your battery, which eventually runs out of power altogether. In order to properly charge the battery you need to drive your car for at least eight hours straight.

            You face a similar problem when driving mostly in traffic jams, with the engine running at a low speed, unable to produce enough power to meet the growing needs of your car. But when you're standing in a traffic jam, you rarely think about how much energy your car needs to power more and more devices, such as heated seats, windows or mirrors.

            The battery is also affected when you don't use your car for a longer period of time. When not used, you car may seem inactive, but in fact it still consumes the power generated by the battery, e.g. to maintain the operation of the on-board computer, the clock and the alarm system.

            How to select the right battery?

            To do this, you need to analyse a lot of variables, including the battery type, its capacity and power. The first thing you should look at, though, is the size. There are a lot of different batteries to choose from, both in terms of size and technical properties. Before you buy a new battery, make sure that it fits in the battery compartment of your car.

            Remember to consider not only the size, but also the shape of the battery, as they are fitted in a number of ways. Some are attached from the bottom and some from the top. The battery must fit the battery compartment in such a way as to be prevented from moving while you drive, as a result of which its terminals may hit against metal elements, causing short-circuits.

            After making sure that a given battery will fit in your car, you can look at its capacity, i.e. the amount of power it holds before it is discharged while operating at 25 degrees centigrade. This is expressed in amp-hours (Ah). The higher the value, the more likely a battery is to last longer. However, you must always follow the manufacturer's recommendations in this respect. If the battery you choose is too weak, you may have problems starting your engine in the winter.

            The third value to consider when choosing a battery is the inrush current, expressed in amperes (A), that a battery is capable of generating when the engine is first turned on. This is very important, especially in the winter. This value is provided in relation to the temperature of -18 degrees centigrade. The better the parameters, the more likely you are to start your car.

            Battery types

            Car batteries can be divided into three types:
            Batteries with liquid electrolyte - the most popular type of batteries, fitted in most cars.
            AGM batteries. These batteries are fitted in hybrid engine cars and cars used more often than normally. They consume less electrolyte and generate more power.
            * Gel batteries. They cannot be used for starting a car. They come in handy when you need to store power for later use, for example, to power a camping trailer. They have a greater capacity as instead of electrolyte they are filled with an acid mixed with silica.

            Batteries can also be divided into serviceable and maintenance-free devices. The previous require to be refilled with electrolyte. This is an outdated technology and is rarely used nowadays. Most modern batteries are maintenance-free. Their acid chambers do not open, nor do they have to be refilled with electrolyte. All you have to do is regularly control its level and replace the battery, when necessary.

            How often should a battery be replaced?

            You can tell its condition by the colour on the battery indicator. This so-called magic eye changes its colour depending on the thickness of the electrolyte. The colour is black when the battery is discharged and green if charged. In addition, you can buy a tester allowing you to check your battery status by connecting it to the cigarette lighter port inside your car.

            You should not use a battery for more than 6 years. If you have a diesel engine car, you should replace the battery every four years, preferably every two years.

            If you need professional consulting regarding batteries, check out one of our Motointegrator Parner garages. This is a chain of nearly five thousand garages nationwide. The cost of replacing a battery starts at PLN 20. Use the search engine to find the nearest garage or call us to make an appointment at your convenience.

            How to keep you battery powered?

            It's very simple. All you need to do is drive a lot. The alternator charges the battery providing it with optimal conditions to power the entire electrical system of your car. If you use your car only occasionally, you can always charge your battery with a charger. A good idea is to buy additional insulation to cover the battery with and ensure it keeps its temperature even a few hours after turning off the engine.


            What is the average cost of providing Battery replacement in car workshops?

            The cost of Battery replacement ranges from 1 BGN to 30 BGN. The average cost of Battery replacement is 10 BGN. Remember that the final price of the service is influenced by many factors, including car brand and model, the level of complexity of activities and the location of components that require replacement or repair. Therefore, a set of spare parts should be added to the total price of the service Battery replacement. You will know the cost of purchasing a part when arranging the service Battery replacement in the selected workshop.

            What is the scope of the service Battery replacement?

            The Battery replacement service consists of the following activities:
            • Демонтиране на крепежните елементи на акумулатора
            • Откачане на клемите на акумулатора
            • Монтиране на нов акумулатор
            • Проверка, дали се зарежда правилно акумулатора

            What should I know, and what are the recommendations for Battery replacement?

            While doing Battery replacement service, keep the following in mind:
            • Сменяйте акумулатора на всеки 4 години, особено ако автомобилът има дизелов двигател, който има нужда от два пъти повече ток при стартиране, което амортизира акумулатора много по-бързо от бензинов двигател
            • Когато купувате нов акумулатор, обръщайте внимание на пусковия ток
            • Ако разполагате с пространство да монтирате по-голям акумулатор, не надвишавайте размера с повече от 10% от препоръчаните стойности от производителя
            • Грижете се за електрическата система, особено през есента, когато е изложена на много влага
            • Неправилно зареждане или проблеми при стартирането не винаги са в следствие на акумулатора
            • Никога не добавяйте електролит към необслужваем акумулатор
            • За да зареждате акумулатора, използвайте специално зарядно устройство. Не забравяйте, че разреждането на акумулатора значително намалява неговия живот.

            What car workshop networks offer Battery replacement?

            Car workshop networks that offer Battery replacement are: Q-Service, Bosch Service, Premio

            Are there car workshops that offer the possibility of online booking for the service Battery replacement?

            You can choose one of the 449 car workshops offering the service of Battery replacement, for which you will arrange the service via the online form. After submitting the form, the selected car workshop will contact you and set the details and date.

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