Computer diagnostics

Computer diagnostics

Car computer diagnostic consists in connecting a special diagnostic computer (also referred to as a diagnostic tester) to the onboard car computer. This service allows to check a car's overall technical condition, including checking its parameters against the desired ones, and indentifying the causes and location of any malfunctions, in order to quickly remove them.

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  • Early detection of a fault reduces the costs of repair
  • The "check engine” light does not necessarily mean the your vehicle requires a major repair. A quick and correct diagnosis is key in this case.
  • Have your car computer-diagnosed at each overhaul and always ask for a respective tester printout
  • Each buyer is obliged to have a car computer-diagnosed before purchasing it.
  • Always have your car diagnosed by experts as they are the only ones capable of correctly identifying a fault cause based on the data obtained from a computer
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Range of services

  • Connecting the diagnostic tester
  • Reading of error codes
  • Decryption of error codes
  • Current printout from the diagnostic tester
  • Comments to the diagnostic test results

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