Exhaust system repair

Exhaust system repair

Corrosion, mechanical damage and wear are the most frequent causes of an exhaust system failure. Placed under the car, nearly all of the system components are exposed to corrosion: the damper, the catalyst, the silencers, the exhaust pipes and the hangers. Fortunately, you don't always have to replace the entire system. If the damages are not vast, it may be enough to just seal the system, weld it or replace only a part of it. If you use high quality parts, the system will remain tight for a few years to come. If, however, you apply cheap substitutes, the system will most likely fail again several months after the repair.


  • don't ignore an exhaust system malfunction if you want to avoid engine problems
  • excess noise produced by a malfunctioning exhaust system may be subject to a fine. Additionally, the police may keep your car registration certificate
  • don't use cheap substitutes - they usually corrode after a few months

Scope of services

  • checking the system for leaks and damages
  • checking and replacing the hangers, if necessary
  • sealing the joints between particular elements
  • welding the corroded parts
  • removing the malfunctioning elements
  • checking system for leaks again

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