Control arm replacement

Control arm replacement

The swing arms connect the wheel hubs to the car's body. Together with the silent block bushes, made of rubber and metal, they damp the vibrations transmitted from the road surface onto the body of the car. Driving over rugged surfaces accelerates the wear of the swing arms and their components, i.e. the bushes and the pin. In addition to lack of comfort, faulty swing arms affect your ability to control the car, make driving less smooth and accelerate the wear of the other suspension components, such the track rod ends, the link rods and the other swing arms.


  • In order to extend the useful life of the swing arms you must not press the brake when driving over holes or uneven surfaces
  • A faulty swing arm causes the domino effect, i.e. accelerates the wear of the other suspension elements
  • After replacing a swing arm you should have the wheel alignment checked

Scope of services

  • Removing a swing arm
  • Removing the pin
  • Removing the silent block bush
  • Fitting a new swing arm in
  • Checking wheel alignment

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