Wheel hub replacement

Wheel hub replacement

The hubs are those elements onto which the wheels are fitted. Located in the knuckles, the hubs allow the wheels to rotate freely while being held firmly. The hubs should be changed whenever their bearings wear out. If this the case, you will hear a disturbing noise and feel a play on the steering wheel.


  • The hubs should be changed in pairs as their life span is very similar - if one of them fails, the other one will soon follow suit
  • You need to change a whole hub only when its bearing is its integral part. In the case of some cars the bearings can be changed separately

Scope of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing the brake callipers, the anchors and brake discs
  • Removing the hub from the knuckle
  • Fitting a new hub in
  • Fitting the other elements back in

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