Air conditioning inspection

Air conditioning inspection

The air-conditioning system improves the comfort of driving by cooling the inside of your car on hot days. It also significantly accelerates the process of defogging car windows. However, if neglected, the system will eventually lose its properties and cause unpleasant smell or spread bacteria and fungi dangerous to your health. You should have your air-conditioning system checked at least once a year, especially after winter, when it's used less often.


  • It is recommended that you have your air-conditioning system checked at least once a year
  • You should use your air-conditioning system all year round, not only in the summer
  • If you don't use your air-conditioning system for a long time, the cooling agent will lose its properties and may cause leaks in the system
  • If working properly, an air-conditioning system accelerates the defogging of car windows

Scope of services

  • Checking the cooling efficiency of the system
  • Checking the cooling agent level
  • Checking the system for leaks and removing them
  • Refilling the cooling agent, if necessary
  • Anti-fungal treatment

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