Air conditioning refill

Air conditioning refill

The role of an air-conditioning system is to cool the inside of the car on hot days, and to dry the air inside it on wet days, preventing car windows from fogging up. The cooling agent contains special lubricants and preservatives. This is why an air-conditioning system should also be used in the winter (at least once every two weeks). If not used for a long time, its rubber seals age faster, as a result of which, the system loses its tightness and leaks the cooling agent.


  • Have your air-conditioning system checked at least once a year
  • Have it checked at the beginning of the spring
  • Don't forget to have it treated for fungi and remember about the cabin filter change
  • Use the system also in winter to prevent its rubber components from ageing

Scope of services

  • Checking the level of the cooling agent in the system
  • Technical inspection of the system
  • Maintenance
  • Connecting the system to an air-conditioning service unit
  • Refilling the cooling agent to the level indicated by the manufacturer

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Additional info about the service

Why does air-conditioning matter?

An air-conditioning system improves the comfort of driving. It allows you to keep the inside of your car cool on hot days, helping you to stay focused and increasing the comfort of driving. It also improves the safety of driving, as it dries the air inside your car, preventing the windows from fogging up and limiting your visibility.

How does it work?

An air-conditioning system is comprised of a compressor driven by a belt connected to the engine, a system of hoses, a radiator, also referred to as the condenser, and an evaporator. The system is filled with a special substance, called the working agent, which, compressed by the compressor, flows into the evaporator, in which it is decompressed. During decompression, the agent cools down the evaporator and the air generated by the fan inside the cabin that flows around it. Then the agent moves further down to the condenser where it gives off the heat carried over from the evaporator. As a result of this continuous process, the evaporator cools down and the radiator gives the heat off to the environment.

When should an air-conditioning system be refilled?

In order for an air-conditioning system to operate effectively and properly, it should be filled with the right amount of the working agent determined by the car manufacturer. You will find the respective information on the compressor's plate or on a label placed on the engine chamber. The amount of the working agent decreases with time as a result of small leakages in the hoses, compressor, radiator or evaporator. If this is the case, an air-conditioning system stops working properly, posing danger to the compressor, which must operate continually, but is suddenly no longer properly lubricated by means of the oil contained in the working agent. This is when an air-conditioning system requires refilling. During the maintenance process, though, the agent is entirely removed from the system, which is subjected to negative pressure in order to check the tightness of the hoses, and subsequently refilled with the appropriate amount of oil which lubricates the compressor.

Refilling of an air-conditioning system

The refilling process is performed in specialized garages by devices called air-conditioning service units. It starts as soon as an air-conditioning service unit is connected to a car's air-conditioning system by means of valves. The process is fully automated and lasts about one hour.

When should an air-conditioning system be refilled?

As the compressor lubricant also prevents the hose seals from going brittle, and, consequently, prevents the system from losing its tightness, you should have your air-conditioning system taken care of at least once a year, preferably before the summer. Make sure you have it done by a proven Motointegrator Partner chain garage. Regular maintenance of an air-conditioning system ensures its proper operation and comfort of driving on hot days. The annual maintenance of your air-conditioning system is also a perfect opportunity to have fungi removed from your car's air ducts and the cabin filter changed.

How are fungi removed from an air-conditioning system?

Microorganisms and fungi settle in the air-conditioning system of your car as you use it. They are responsible for the unpleasant odour coming out of the air ducts. The air coming out of a fungi-infested air-conditioning system may cause allergic reactions. An air-conditioning system should undergo a fungi-removal treatment at least once a year. The treatment consists in disinfecting the system by means of chemical preparations, whose tiny particles penetrate the evaporator and every corner of the air ducts, or by means of cabin ozonisation.

How is a cabin filter changed?

A cabin filter, also referred to as the dust filter, is located inside the ventilation system. The filter holds back pollen, insects or dry leaves. A properly working filter cleans the air inside a car, however, it gradually wears out. Changing a cabin filter is an easy task and should be performed at least twice a year. However, it may be costly, as sometimes many other parts have to be removed in the process.

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