Air-conditioning system tightness check - pressure

Air-conditioning system tightness check - pressure

Air-conditioning in modern cars is now a standard feature. If, however, you want to be sure that the air in your car is nice and clean, you must take good care of the cooling system. One of the most common causes of its failure are leaks. Therefore, you should have it checked regularly to avoid them. One of the most effective methods of checking if the cooling system is tight is the pressure method, which consists in sucking the cooling agent out of the system and filling it with high-pressure nitrogen to create a vacuum. If the system is unable to hold the vacuum for a specific period of time, it means that its tightness has been compromised.


  • First, check the system for leaks, if you notice that the AC is not working properly
  • A faulty cooling system leaks the cooling agent or the compressor lubricant
  • Leaks in the system may cause seizure of the compressor and damage to the AC dryer.
  • Take good care of you AC system as repairing it may be very costly

Scope of services

  • Connecting the car to a special AC service station
  • Sucking the cooling agent out of the system
  • Creating a vacuum in the system
  • Holding the vacuum for a specified period of time to check the system for leaks
  • Locating leaks and removing them
  • Filling the system with the cooling agent
  • Checking the system's operation

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