A/C valve replacement

A/C valve replacement

The AC expansion valve controls the amount of the cooling agent flowing into the evaporator. If the AC system is not working efficiently, the first thing to check is the valve. If it is clogged, not enough of the cooling agent flows into the evaporator. Consequently, the AC is not working efficiently and the compressor wears faster. If the valve lets too much of the agent through, it accumulates in the evaporator, freezes and affects the operation of the entire system.


  • The AC expansion valve is frequently overlooked in diagnosing an AC system malfunction. At the same time, ineffective operation of the AC system is usually caused by a malfunction of the valve.

Scope of services

  • Removing the coolant from the system
  • Disconnecting the AC hoses
  • Replacing the valve
  • Filling the system with the cooling agent

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