Tyre change with TPMS

Tyre change with TPMS

Each car manufactured after 1 November 2014 intended for sale in the EU is equipped with a tyre-pressure monitoring system. The system informs the driver by means of a warning sound or light on the dashboard of a problem when the tyre pressure goes down below 25% of a level recommended for a particular car. The system's sensors can by fitted directly on the rims or on special valves.


  • Be careful not to damage the sensor when changing the tyres (fitted on the same rims)
  • The sensor should be reset if it shows wrong data and after you inflate the tyres

Scope of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing the TPMS sensors
  • Checking the sensors' batteries and replacing them, if necessary
  • Checking the sensors' signal
  • Removing the tyres from the wheels
  • Fitting the tyres on the wheels
  • Fitting the TPMS sensors back on
  • Inflating the tyres
  • Balancing the wheels
  • Refitting the wheels
  • Setting the TPMS sensors

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