Replacement of brake cylinders

Replacement of brake cylinders

The brake cylinder is that component of the drum braking system which presses the brake shoes against the external drum surface. Its damage causes the braking fluid pressure to decrease and the fluid to leak onto the friction lining. Its replacement requires removing the wheel, shoes, hoses and, finally, the cylinder itself. New components are fitted in the reverse order. Following the repair, the system should be vented. A good idea is also to clean the entire braking system, check the lining thickness and the condition of the drum. You should always have both cylinders changed as they have a similar useful life.


  • You should always have both cylinders replaced
  • The brake cylinders influence the pressure of the braking fluid
  • The cylinders should be replaced each time you have the brake shoes or drums changed
  • A faulty cylinder will leak the braking fluid and, consequently, affect the operation of the braking system

Scope of services

  • Changing brake cylinders
  • Cleaning the inside of the drum
  • Checking the lining thickness
    on the shoes
  • Lubricating the moving elements with a high-temperature lubricant

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