Engine bonnet repair

Engine bonnet repair

The most common damage to the car's hood is chipped paint and dents. If a damage is not big, you can have the hood repaired instead of replaced with a new one. The repair process depends on the type of damage.


  • Make sure you have the lock and the hinges lubricated in the course of the replacement process

Scope of services

  • removing the bolts holding the hood to the hinges
  • marking the position of the hood relative to the hinges
  • removing the hood
  • removing the hood lining
  • pushing the dents out
  • removing the old paint if damaged
  • preparing the surface of the hood for painting
  • painting the hood
  • polishing the hood
  • fitting the hood lining back in place
  • Positioning the hood as marked
  • Fitting in the bolts holding the hood to the hinges
  • Checking if the hood is properly aligned

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