LPG adjustments

LPG adjustments

After fitting a gas system on a petrol engine the system requires adjusting to improve the engine operation and to prevent its failures. First of all, you must ensure that it works flawlessly on petrol, and only then adjust the gas system. The system should be adjusted both with respect to the neutral gear and the higher gears. This requires a specific knowledge and experience, so the best idea is to have it done by a garage specializing in LPG systems.


  • After adjusting the system observe the engine for deviations from normal operation. If you notice any, return the car to the garage in which you had the system installed
  • Proper calibration of an LPG system will optimize fuel consumption and engine operation

Scope of services

  • Setting the driver
  • Calibrating the system while driving
  • Checking the regulator and the lambda sensor

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