LPG evaporator replacement

LPG evaporator replacement

The LPG regulator, also referred to as the evaporator, changes the gas form from liquid to vapour. An important part of the evaporator is a rubber membrane separating the fuel from the coolant. And it is this component of the evaporator that fails most often, necessitating replacement of the entire device. It fails mainly due to a poor quality of gas, improper use or maintenance.


  • A poor quality gas accelerates the wear of the evaporator
  • The gas filter and gaskets should be changed along with the evaporator
  • After replacing the evaporator the LPG system should be adjusted

Scope of services

  • Emptying the LPG system
  • Disconnecting all cables and hoses from the evaporator
  • Removing the faulty evaporator
  • Fitting a new evaporator in
  • Fitting new seals in
  • Changing the LPG filters
  • Checking the system for leaks
  • Adjusting the LPG system

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