Off Road tyre and rim fitting/disassembly

Off Road tyre and rim fitting/disassembly

Before you fit off-road rims and tyres on your car you have to increase its ground clearance. Off-road tyres differ from the standard ones in terms of profile, tread depth and a non-standard rim size. Off-road tyres have a poorer grip on hard-surfaces, so remember to slow down when taking curves on asphalt or concrete roads.


  • When fitting off-road tyres on your car remember to replace their valves with new ones
  • Only specialized garages are capable of handling the wheels of off-road cars

Scope of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Preparing off-road tyres for fitting them on your car
  • Preparing the rims
  • Fitting the tyres on the rims using a tyre changer
  • Inflating the tyres according to the manufacturer's requirements
  • Balancing the wheels
  • Fitting the wheels back on the car

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Check out our workshops that offer the service off road tyre and rim fitting/disassembly in some of the biggest cities in your country

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