Air filter replacement

Air filter replacement

An air filter is another component responsible for treating the air used in the process of combustion of the fuel mix. In 90% of cases it takes only several minutes to change it, and the whole procedure is rather cheap. An air filter blocks all contaminants carried by air. If working properly, it ensures the air flow necessary to ignite the fuel mix, and, consequently, proper and efficient operation of the engine.


  • Buy only branded products - the difference between a premium and a downmarket product is frequently not very big
  • Change the air filter every 60 thousand kilometres
  • A blocked air filter reduces the power of your engine and increases its fuel consumption
  • If you want to slightly increase the power of your engine, a good idea might be to use a cone filter used in sport cars
  • In 90% of cases changing a filter takes only several minutes and is very cheap

Scope of services

  • Removing the air filter housing
  • Removing the air filter
  • Cleaning of the ducts through which the air enters the engine
  • Fitting a new air filter
  • Fitting the filter housing back on
  • Checking the filter's operation by means of a diagnostic tester

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