Vibration damper replacement

Vibration damper replacement

The damper is a flexible component of the exhaust system responsible for minimizing the vibrations transferred to the exhaust system from the engine. Its replacement is not easy because it is difficult to access and because you need specialist tools, such as an acetylene burner or a grinder to remove it. The damper should be replaced when you start hearing a disturbing noise of air blowing by in the engine or smell fumes in the cabin.


  • when having the damper replaced make sure only good quality parts are used
  • always use a damper dedicated for your car model in order for it to effectively reduce the engine vibrations and the tensions in the exhaust system
  • don't use cheap aftermarket parts - the damper is exposed to extreme conditions and its quality matters

Scope of services

  • removing a damaged damper
  • replacing the damper with a new one with identical parameters
  • replacing its mountings with new ones
  • checking system for leaks

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