Muffler gasket

Muffler gasket

Blow-by at joints, corrosion and leaks - in each of these cases you can try to seal a silencer by means of a sealing paste or tape. This is the fastest and cheapest way to handle the problem. Modern pastes and tapes display very good adherence to metal, forming a metal-like coating after being heat-treated. To successfully seal a silencer, all rust and other contaminants must be removed from its surface.


  • sealing the exhaust system with a sealing paste is only a temporary solution
  • wrong application of a sealing paste may cause a silencer to clog
  • the exhaust system is exposed to vibrations which may cause a dried paste to come off, re-exposing a leak.

Scope of services

  • locating the damages to the exhaust system
  • cleaning the spot on which a sealing paste or tape will be applied
  • spreading the paste thoroughly
  • heating the exhaust system up for approximately 5-15 minutes
  • obtaining the right hardness of the paste

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