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            This sensor controls the coolant temperature and supplies the relevant data to the engine computer. This data is used to determine the right composition of the fuel-air mix and to start the radiator fan. Its failure results in no or misleading information on the engine temperature being displayed on the dashboard. Such failure is detectable by means of a diagnostic tester. A malfunctioning sensor should be replaced with a new one. Find out more about the service

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            Coolant temperature sensor replacement


            • A damaged coolant temperature sensor may cause serious malfunctions. If it does not work or provides misleading information, the engine may overheat and seize, or the cylinder head may be damaged
            • When replacing the sensor check if the concentration of the coolant in the cooling system is sufficient

            Scope of services

            • Removing a part of the coolant from the system
            • Disconnecting the sensor from the electrical system
            • Removing the sensor from the cylinder head or the radiator
            • Replacing the sensor gasket, if necessary
            • Fitting a new sensor in
            • Filling the system up with the coolant
            • Bleeding the system, if necessary

            Service Description

            What is the role of the coolant temperature sensor?

            The coolant temperature indicator on the dashboard displays the information fed to it by the coolant sensor located in the cooling system. The sensor, also referred to as the thermistor, changes its resistance depending on the temperature. When this happens, the temperature indications change.

            When should the coolant temperature sensor be replaced?

            Like any other electrical device, the coolant temperature sensor may brake down. It is not repairable and has to be replaced. As the sensor is washed by the coolant circulating in the cooling system, the coolant must be removed before the sensor can be replaced.

            How is the coolant temperature sensor replaced?

            The sensor is disconnected from the electrical system and removed from its holding element, usually the engine cylinder or one of the radiator hoses. It is replaced with a new sensor. If it comes with a gasket, it also needs replacing. Next, the cooling system is refilled with a coolant. This is a perfect opportunity to check the pressure of the coolant. A failure of the temperature sensor may result in false indications of the temperature indicator or lack of any indications at all. A failure of this component may also be detected after connecting the on-board computer to a diagnostic tester.

            What to keep in mind?

            Do not ignore a faulty temperature sensor. A faulty sensor will not warn you against engine overheating. It will also fail to provide the engine controller with information on the current temperature of the coolant, as a result of which wrong fuel-air mixture will be selected, increasing fuel consumption and causing wrong engine operation.


            What is the average cost of providing Coolant temperature sensor replacement in car workshops?

            The cost of Coolant temperature sensor replacement ranges from 70 HRK to 100 HRK. The average cost of Coolant temperature sensor replacement is 90 HRK. Remember that the final price of the service is influenced by many factors, including car brand and model, the level of complexity of activities and the location of components that require replacement or repair. Therefore, a set of spare parts should be added to the total price of the service Coolant temperature sensor replacement. You will know the cost of purchasing a part when arranging the service Coolant temperature sensor replacement in the selected workshop.

            What is the scope of the service Coolant temperature sensor replacement?

            The Coolant temperature sensor replacement service consists of the following activities:
            • Uklanjanje dijela rashladne tekućine iz sustava
            • Odvajanje senzora od električnog sustava
            • Uklanjanje senzora s cilindarske glave ili hladnjaka motora
            • Ako je potrebno, zamjena brtve senzora
            • Ugradnja novog senzora temperature rashladne tekućine
            • Punjenje sustava s rashladnom tekućinom

            What should I know, and what are the recommendations for Coolant temperature sensor replacement?

            While doing Coolant temperature sensor replacement service, keep the following in mind:
            • Oštećen senzor temperature rashladnog sredstva može uzrokovati ozbiljne kvarove. Ako ne radi ili pruža informacije koje dovode u zabludu, motor se može pregrijati i pokidati, ili se glava cilindra može oštetiti

            What car workshop networks offer Coolant temperature sensor replacement?

            Car workshop networks that offer Coolant temperature sensor replacement are: Bosch Service, Q-Service, Vulco

            Are there car workshops that offer the possibility of online booking for the service Coolant temperature sensor replacement?

            You can choose one of the 534 car workshops offering the service of Coolant temperature sensor replacement, for which you will arrange the service via the online form. After submitting the form, the selected car workshop will contact you and set the details and date.

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