Winter is a special time of year for drivers. Severe weather, snowy roads, low temperatures, problems with the firing of the car in the morning, frozen windscreens, tires for winter – these are just some of the problems that await car owner.

Some of the problems and responsibilities tend to be expensive, as are associated with failures in the winter, but we know that some problems can be avoided. For example, well maintained and properly prepared battery will not refuse to obey the least expected moment. What should I do? How to take care of the battery in the winter? Let’s start from the beginning.

Starting the car in winter – how to avoid problems?

There are a few rules and tips, which is worth to keep both in winter and in the autumn. First of all, you should regularly check the battery status of not only the „eye”, but above all in car using professional diagnostic equipment. This type of service is not expensive, and some workshops will perform it for free when other orders, eg. Tire exchange etc.

Another activity that does not require great effort, and above all not cost us anything, it is clean the exterior of the battery and its poles cloth antistatic, which prevents unwanted electrical discharges as a result of contact with dirt mentioned poles. Of course, be careful with this, and to remove stubborn dirt special brush.

The problem may be not only contaminated, but also tarnished the clamp and poles. In this case, the current flow is interrupted and uneven, and in extreme cases, completely stopped. Cleaning is best to use fine sandpaper, and after cleaning to protect parts with Vaseline. If we use the operating battery from time to time you should also unscrew the caps and check the electrolyte level. His shortcomings should be supplemented with distilled water.

By the way, it is worth checking the electrical connection – its stability and accuracy. If necessary, tighten the clamp to accidentally „popped”, eg. In potholes and bumps.

What to do with the battery if the car rarely use?

If the use of the car rarely or not at all, for the standstill should remove the battery from the car and put in a dry and warm place, where the phenomenon of self-discharge is minimized. In such conditions, the battery plates are not sulphation by what his life will be preserved.

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