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            Recommended Renault car workshops and mechanics that offer the service - Timing change

            There are 54 car workshops and mechanics on our platform that support the brand Renault and offer the service - Timing change!

            Are you looking for a trusted car workshop or mechanic that can service your Renault? Regardless if you are looking for something simple like the replacement of the brake pads, or something more complex like the clutch replacement, our recommended workshops can do any service your Renault requires. Take a look at the offer of our recommended workshops and pick the best one for your Renault.

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            • Timing change
              from24000.00 HUF

            SMA SERVICE & WASH

            Szegedi út 18, 6000 Kecskemét

            +36 70 *** *** ***
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            • Timing change
              from30000.00 HUF
            1 Review

            Vertex Pont Bt.

            Csépi út, 2316 Tököl

            +36 20 *** *** ***

            Timing change

            The timing gear plays a key role in each piston engine as it controls the opening and closing of the valves, letting in a mix of air and fuel and letting out exhaust gases. The timing gear is driven by a belt, rarely by a chain. If the belt breaks, the valves and pistons may collide, causing a costly damage. Therefore, the timing gear components, i.e. the belt or chain, tensioning rollers and guide rollers should regularly be changed and checked for any signs of wear.

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