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            The steering gear transmits the movement of the steering wheel onto the wheels. The most popular type of the steering gear is the steering rack. Worm or screw gear is a rarity nowadays. If it fails, you may notice leaks, feel play on the steering wheel, hear a clatter when turning the wheels, feel the steering assistance being unevenly distributed or not being provided at all, as well as notice that the steering wheel does not return to its previous position after a turn. Find out more about the service

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            Steering gear remanufacturing


            • Drive over bumpy surfaces with your wheels straight
            • When you drive into a hole, release the brake
            • Avoid turning the wheels when your car is stationary
            • When changing the rack check the steering rod housings
            • Make sure you have your wheels aligned after changing the rack

            Scope of services

            • Removing the steering rack
            • Assessing the wear of steering rack elements
            • Replacing all worn parts with new ones
            • Machining some of the elements (rack, pinion)
            • Replacing the seals, guides
            • Fitting all the components back in place
            • Test on a diagnostic pit

            Service Description

            What is the steering rack?

            The steering rack connects the track rods of the front wheels and translates the rotary motion of the steering wheel into the linear motion of the track rods, causing the car's wheels to turn. Any leak, seizure of or play in the steering rack requires its repair or removal.

            How is the steering rack replaced?

            Replacing the steering rack requires lifting the car and removing its front wheels. Next, the track rod ends must be unscrewed from both knuckles. If your car is equipped with power steering, the hoses leading to the steering box pump should also be disconnected. Next, the braces holding the rack to the body (usually the dividing wall separating the engine chamber from the cabin) are unscrewed. Fitting a new rack requires providing new rubber pads. The power steering system should also be filled with fresh fluid. A new rack is fitted in the reverse order.

            What to keep in mind?

            Finally, the front wheels alignment should be checked and a test drive should be performed. Remember that driving with a faulty steering rack causes not only a discomfort and annoying noise, but also environment pollution resulting from leaking hydraulic fluid. In extreme cases, a worn and malfunctioning rack may result in an accident e.g. if it blocks after a turn and is prevented from going back to its neutral position.


            What is the average cost of providing Steering gear remanufacturing in car workshops?

            The cost of Steering gear remanufacturing ranges from 70000 HUF to 70000 HUF. The average cost of Steering gear remanufacturing is 70000 HUF. Remember that the final price of the service is influenced by many factors, including car brand and model, the level of complexity of activities and the location of components that require replacement or repair. Therefore, a set of spare parts should be added to the total price of the service Steering gear remanufacturing. You will know the cost of purchasing a part when arranging the service Steering gear remanufacturing in the selected workshop.

            What is the scope of the service Steering gear remanufacturing?

            The Steering gear remanufacturing service consists of the following activities:
            •  Szerelje ki a kormányművet 
            • Értékelje a részegységek állapotát
            •  A használt vagy sérült alkatrészeket cserélje újra
            •  Hangolja össze az alkatrészeket
            •  Cserélje ki a tömítéseket, porvédőket
            •  Szerelje vissza az alkatrészt
            •  A műhelyben ellenőrizze a működést

            What should I know, and what are the recommendations for Steering gear remanufacturing?

            While doing Steering gear remanufacturing service, keep the following in mind:
            •  Bukkanós felületeken próbáljon meg egyenes kerékkel áthaladni
            •  Amennyiben belehajt egy gödörbe próbálja kerülni a fékezést
            •  Lehetőség szerint állóhelyben ne tekerje a kormányt
            •  A kormánymű javításakor ellenőrizze a többi kormányzáshoz kapcsolódó alkatrészt
            •  Kormánymű csere után mindenképpen állítsa be a futóművet a gyári paraméterekre

            What car workshop networks offer Steering gear remanufacturing?

            Car workshop networks that offer Steering gear remanufacturing are: Q-Service

            Are there car workshops that offer the possibility of online booking for the service Steering gear remanufacturing?

            You can choose one of the 5 car workshops offering the service of Steering gear remanufacturing, for which you will arrange the service via the online form. After submitting the form, the selected car workshop will contact you and set the details and date.

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