Suspension spring replacement

Suspension spring replacement
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The suspension springs absorb bumps in the road. They usually wear if you exceed the permissible weight of your car. Depending on the car, the springs can either be independent of the dampers or integrated with them to form damping struts referred to as the MacPherson struts. The usually fail due to cracks resulting from their wear.

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  • When having the MacPherson strut springs replaced, you should also have the upper damper pads, piston housings and the bump stops changed
  • When having the McPherson strut springs replaced, make sure you have the mechanics check the bearings allowing for the turning of the front wheels
  • The springs should always be replaced in pairs
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Disassembling the suspension by unscrewing the swing arm pins or by unscrewing the lower MacPherson strut mountings from the knuckles
  • Removing the springs
  • Fitting new springs in
  • Reassembling the suspension
  • Wheel alignment

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Service description

Where is the suspension spring located?

Depending on the suspension type, the spring may constitute a separate component located between the lower swing arm and the supporting element of the body, e.g. the side member. If integrated with a shock absorber, the spring is called a MacPherson strut.

How is the spring replaced?

Irrespective of the suspension type, replacing the spring requires lifting the car and removing the appropriate wheel. Next, the suspension should be unfastened by removing the spring arm pin or the lower mounting holding the MacPherson strut to the steering knuckle. In the latter case, the strut is placed on a working table, where it is stripped of the spring by means of a spring remover. Subsequently, a new spring is fitted and, if necessary, the upper shock absorber pad and its bearing, which allows the front wheels to turn. A good idea is to fit a new piston rod cover and its buffer.

What to keep in mind

As suspension springs gradually lose their properties, it is recommended that both of them be replaced even if only one fails, especially on older cars. This will prevent the car from tilting to one side. If a spring must be replaced due to a mechanical damage resulting e.g. from driving over a bump, a good idea is to inspect the suspension after the replacement to ensure that the alignment parameters have not changed and that the car steering system operates properly.

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