Fitting sports connecting rod bearings

Fitting sports connecting rod bearings
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Sports bushings are harder than the standard ones and are fitted on cars with forged and tempered shafts. Without an additional layer of metal alloys on their outer side, the bushings release heat more effectively. Installation of sports bushings is only one of a number of elements that you have to take into consideration when modifying your engine.

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  • Installation of sports bushings alone without modifying other components of the engine will not improve its performance
  • All engine modifications are very complicated and should be carried out only by professional garages
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Range of services

  • Removing the cylinder head
  • Removing the pistons and the connecting rods
  • Removing the crankshaft
  • Mechanical conditioning of the pins
  • Fitting sports bushings in
  • Fitting the crankshaft back in place
  • Fitting the pistons and the connecting rods back in place
  • Fitting new piston pins
  • Fitting the cylinder head on a new gasket
  • Checking the cylinder head for leaks

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