Sports camshaft fitting

Sports camshaft fitting
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Sports cars are usually equipped with two camshafts and 4 valves per each cylinder. One camshaft drives the intake manifold, while the other one the exhaust manifold. This solution facilitates synchronization of the engine to increase its efficiency. Sports camshafts are capable of improving the engine's performance and are lighter than the standard ones.

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  • When replacing the camshafts with sports ones a good idea is also to change the rocker arms, tappets and the hydraulic play adjusters, if any
  • Camshaft replacement requires a lot of precision. The smallest error may cost you dearly, so a good idea is to have it done by a professional garage
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Range of services

  • Removing the valve cover on cylinder head
  • Removing the belt or chain
  • Removing the tappet rockers
  • Removing the camshafts
  • Fitting the sports camshafts in
  • Fitting the tappet rockers in
  • Fitting the belt or chain in s* Fitting the valve cover back on

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