Wiper tie rod replacement

Wiper tie rod replacement
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The wiper linkage links the wiper arms to the wiper motor. Its failure usually results from the wear of its ball-shaped element, disabling one or both wipers by causing them to come out of their mounts. You can tell that it's broken when the current is being supplied, the motor is working but the wipers won't move. Replacing the linkage is not complicated and the only difficulty may the corrosion of the mounts.

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  • Wipers enable you to drive in adverse weather conditions, so make sure you buy only high-quality ones
  • When replacing the linkage a good idea is to clean and lubricate the entire mechanism
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Range of services

  • Removing the panel under the windscreen
  • Removing the linkage and replacing it with a new one
  • Fitting the linkage in
  • Checking if the mechanism operates properly

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