Drive support systems - ACD, EDS

Drive support systems - ACD, EDS
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Driver support systems are intended to enhance driver performance and improve transportation safety. Even though these systems afford safety advantages, they challenge the traditional role of drivers in operating vehicles. Driver acceptance, therefore, is essential for the adoption of new in-vehicle technologies into the transportation system.

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  • Connecting the diagnostic device to the vehicle computer
  • System overview
  • System error checking
  • Test drive

Car workshops: Drive support systems - ACD, EDS

Service description

ACD (Active Center Differential) The ACD is a system that electronically controls the differential limit between the front and rear wheels to distribute an appropriate driving force to the four wheels. The system sets the base driving force distribution to 50:50 and controls the differential limit between the front and rear wheels from "Free" to "Locked 4WD." It makes precise control reality by using information about the wheel speed, the steering wheel angle, the engine torque, the brake pressure, and the yaw rate sensor, and combines a high level of traction performance and steering response adapted to the driving conditions.

EDS (Electronic Differential Slippery) electronic differential lock. Acting with ABS, traction improving conditions when a drive wheel spins, slowed to convey to another couple. It performs a function similar to a self-differential. Basically a safety feature.

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