Electronic system repair

Electronic system repair
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Electronic systems in cars play a number of roles. They are responsible for the most basic functions, such as turning on the interior lighting, illuminating the door handles and the dashboard, controlling the interior temperature (hot and cool air), controlling the engine, as well as for supporting the braking and steering systems. They cooperate with numerous sensors and use control modules that cooperate with one another. A failure or wrong operation of a single element affects the operation of an entire electronic system. In the case of most modern cars, a failure of an electronic system is signalled by a warning light on the dashboard.

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  • Have your electronic systems repaired as soon as you notice their failure
  • Nearly all elements of the control systems are not repairable and have to be replaced with new ones
  • Have your car's electronic systems repaired by professionals - they have the appropriate diagnostic tools to handle the task
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Range of services

  • Identification of a faulty element by means of a diagnostic device
  • Replacement of a faulty element with a new one
  • Inspection of the system in order to ensure that is operates properly

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