Recommended car workshops from Jungėnai that offer the service Brake pads replacement (rear)

            Searching for a trusted car workshop from Jungėnai that offers the service Brake pads replacement (rear)? Browse prices, reviews & promotions of our 1 recommended car workshops from Jungėnai. Find the best workshop for the service Brake pads replacement (rear)!

            Brake pads replacement (rear)

            Brake pads constitute one of the basic elements of the braking system. They belong to those few elements whose wear you're able to determine on our your simply by removing the wheels. Brake pads should definitely be replaced with new ones when they are less than 3 mm thick. The lining covering the pads contains a characteristic groove visible after removing the wheels. If the groove is barely visible or not visible at all, it means that the pads require changing. They require changing also when the lining shows uneven wear, which may affect braking. Worn brake pads cause quicker wear of brake discs.

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