Crankshaft replacement

Crankshaft replacement

The crankshaft usually fails due to insufficient lubrication. Its replacement is very complicated and requires disassembling the entire engine. Crankshaft grinding or replacement necessitates replacement of many other critical engine components such as the slide bearings, piston rings, sump gasket, valve cover and cylinder head gaskets, as well as the entire timing gear.


  • When replacing the crankshaft you should have all critical engine components that become accessible as a result of engine dissembling inspected and replaced, if necessary,
  • The crankshaft should be replaced by professionals

Scope of services

  • Removing the sump and the connecting rod bottom ends
  • Removing the cylinder head and pistons together with the connecting rods
  • Replacing the pistons together with the pins and rings
  • Replacing the cylinder head and timing gear gaskets
  • Grinding or replacing the crankshaft
  • Reassembling the previously removed components
  • Oil change
  • Computer diagnostics

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