Air conditioning compressor oil change

Air conditioning compressor oil change

The AC oil lubricates all moving parts of the system and removes heat from the compressor. It also protects the rubber gaskets on the hoses and joints, reducing the cooling agent leaks. The oil needs checking and replacing if contaminated, too thick or too thin, as well as in the case of replacement of the compressor.


  • If there's too little oil in the system, or if the oil is too thin or too thick, the compressor will most likely fail, and it is very costly to repair
  • Insufficient amount of oil in the system is usually caused by the leaking of the cooling agent

Scope of services

  • Removing the cooling agent from the system
  • Checking the amount of oil separated by the machine
  • Removing the AC compressor
  • Damping the oil from the compressor to check its amount
  • Flushing the system
  • Refilling the compressor with new oil
  • Distributing the oil inside the compressor
  • Filling the system with the cooling agent and oil

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