Air-conditioning comprehensive servicing

Air-conditioning comprehensive servicing

The role of the air-conditioning system is to cool the inside of the car on hot days, and to dry the air inside it on wet days, preventing car windows from fogging up. The air-conditioning should be turned on at least once every two weeks also in winter. If not used for a long time, its rubber seals age faster, as a result of which, the system loses its tightness and leaks the cooling agent.


  • Have the AC system inspected twice year, in winter and in spring
  • Refer to the user guide for instructions on how to use the AC system correctly
  • To ensure effective operation of the system have the cabin filter changed during each AC inspection

Scope of services

  • Checking the AC system for leaks
  • Anti-fungal treatment
  • Disinfecting the cabin
  • Checking the oil level in the compressor
  • Cabin filter change
  • Dryer filter change
  • Checking the evaporator
  • Maintenance work
  • Filling the system with the cooling agent

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