Brake shoe replacement

Brake shoe replacement

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Brake drums are commonly applied on the car's rear axle. One of the key elements of this type of braking system are brake shoes. They are applied both in the main and the parking brake, hence it is very important to have them replaced regularly to keep the entire braking system operational. A malfunction of the parking brake or uneven distribution of the braking power on the rear axle mean that the lining needs to be taken care of. Brake shoes and drums are not exposed to as big a load as the discs and pads and need replacing after 100 thousand kilometres.


  • Apply lining by only reputed manufacturers. Remember that the braking system is responsible for your safety
  • Remember to always replace both brake shoes
  • Functional drum brakes ensure proper operation of the hand brake

Scope of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Unscrewing the drum-adjusting bolts. You may have to remove the wheel hub nut too
  • Removing the drum
  • Removing the springs and the spring mountings
  • Securing the cylinder (e.g. by means of a clamp)
  • Detaching the hand brake cable
  • Removing the brake callipers
  • Fitting the callipers, spring mountings, springs and the hand brake cable
  • Fitting the drum
  • Fitting the drum-adjusting bolts and the wheel hub nut
  • Refitting the wheels

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