Brake carrier replacement

Brake carrier replacement

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Backplates are those elements of the drum braking system that are attached to the car's suspension. They hold the following elements: cylinders, shoes, the system of levers and springs. They also protect them against contaminants, such as mud, sand, dust and water, coming from underneath the wheels. Backplates in a poor technical condition may cause a malfunction of the braking system, including its sudden blocking.


  • If the backplates on your car are corroded or damaged - don't be too hard on it
  • Backplates need replacing much less often than the other elements of the drum braking system

Scope of services

  • Removing the wheels, drums and backplates
  • Fitting new backplates
  • Checking the technical condition of the removed elements and their replacement, if necessary
  • Adding or exchanging the brake fluid
  • Venting the braking system

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