Car window tinting, side (rear)

Car window tinting, side (rear)

Tinted windows not only make your car look better, but they are also very useful. They let less sun in, preventing the inside of the car from heating up too much. They also reduce the risk of someone braking into your car as you can barely see what's inside it. The most popular way of tinting car windows is by applying a special film on the inside. You can also have your windows powder-tinted. This method is costly and time-consuming but the tint lasts longer than in the case of the traditional method.


  • The most important parameter of a tinting film is light transmittance, which must conform to the applicable regulations. If in doubt, the police may keep you car registration book, so a good idea is to carry with you a certificate confirming that the film meets all the applicable requirements.
  • Before covering the windows with a film make sure they are free from any defects. Scratched, chipped or cracked windows cannot be covered with a tinting film. A tinting film provides your windows with an additional reinforcement. A window secured this way won't fall apart into small pieces when smashed.

Scope of services

  • Removing the tinted windows, if necessary
  • Cleaning and degreasing the windows
  • Cutting the film to match the window size
  • Applying the film
  • Cutting excess film off
  • Fitting the windows back in place, if necessary

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Additional info about the service

Tinted windows are very popular. They not only make the body of your car look better, but are also very functional. Firstly, they let in much less sun, as a result of which the car interior does not heat up as much as in the case of windows without a tint. Moreover, the air-conditioning operates more efficiently. Secondly, other people can't see the inside of your car, and so you can safely leave stuff in the trunk without having to worry that someone might break into your car.

The most popular method of tinting car windows is applying a special film on the inside. The film should meet the applicable standards and be attested - only then can you be sure that it will prevent the harmful UV radiation from penetrating the inside of your car. The most important parameter, however, is light transmittance, which must conform to the existing regulations. A tinting film provides your windows with an additional reinforcement. A broken side window with a tint film does not fall apart when damaged, keeping the inside of your car protected.

Another, less popular method is ceramic tinting. It consists in applying a special powder on the window surface, which is subsequently hardened in a furnace together with the window. To this effect, you have to remove the window. Moreover, the service is expensive and offered only by a handful of garages across Poland. Hence its low popularity.

A professional garage will fit a branded tint film on your car windows practically in no time. The cost of the service is low and affordable to most car owners.

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