Bumper repair

Bumper repair

The bumper is made up of three elements: a reinforcement bar, a filling and a plastic cover. Its purpose is to absorb part of the energy released during an impact. If damaged, the bumper must be removed to be repaired or replaced with a new one. If the damage is not vast, the bumper can be repaired.


  • when changing the bumper make sure you don't damage the mountings

Scope of services

  • removing the bumper
  • preparing it for a repair by removing the leftover paint from the damaged spots
  • heating the cracked spots to 400 degrees centigrade with an electric hot-air stripper
  • covering the cracked spots with a repair tape on the inner side of the bumper
  • removing any excess melted plastic by means of a grinder
  • filling smaller cracks with a structural glue
  • filling cracks with a plastic filler
  • polishing and degreasing the bumper
  • painting the bumper
  • fitting the bumper back in place

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