Fitting sports valves

Fitting sports valves

Valves supply the fuel-air mix into the cylinders and remove the spent gases. The stems of sports valves are hollow and filled with sodium. When exposed to a high temperature, sodium melts, and the speed at which a valve changes the direction of its linear motion pushes the sodium toward its upper part, where it releases heat. Next, the sodium is flung inside the hot valve head, where it melts, taking away the heat and releasing it at the upper part of the stem.


  • Valves should be changed together with the timing belt and the rollers
  • Valve replacement is a complicated procedure and should be performed by a professional garage

Scope of services

  • Removing the cylinder head
  • Removing the valves from their seats
  • Removing the pins and springs
  • Grinding the valve seats in the cylinder head
  • Fitting new valves in
  • Fitting new valve seals in
  • Fitting the cylinder head on a new gasket

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