Fitting sports spark plugs

Fitting sports spark plugs

Spark plugs are applied in petrol engines to produce a spark needed to ignite the fuel-air mix in the cylinders. A spark is produced by the high voltage generated by the ignition coil and distributed to spark plugs by the distributor. Sports plugs are not very suitable for normal use as they are meant to operate at high engine speeds, as a result of which their life span is quite short. In addition, they are very expensive.


  • Spark plugs should always be changed on a cool engine and with the ignition off
  • When replacing your plugs with sports ones you should also fit more durable ignition cables in

Scope of services

  • Disconnecting the ignition cables from the plugs
  • In the case of cars equipped with a coil - sliding it out and disconnecting it
  • Removing the plugs from the cylinder head by means of a special wrench
  • Fitting sports plugs in
  • Reconnecting the ignition cables to the plugs

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