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Off Road snorkel fitting

Off Road snorkel fitting

Snorkels are fitted on cars which are to drive across deep water or mud. A snorkel is a duct which supplies air to the engine. It is located at the highest point on a vehicle. When a vehicle is submerged in water or mud, the snorkels continue to supply air into the intake manifold, allowing the engine to operate as usual.

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  • You have to choose a set of snorkels that will be suitable for your car - in the case of some models the duct supplying air to the engine is located in the hood
  • Snorkels are a must on off-road vehicles
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Range of services

  • Redirecting the air intake upstream of the manifold toward a new duct
  • Fitting the sealing in
  • Fitting in mounts for the duct
  • Fitting in the duct
  • Submerging test, if any

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