Intake hose gasket replacement

Intake hose gasket replacement

The role of the inlet system is to provide the engine with air needed for combustion. Located between the air filter housing and the inlet manifold is the inlet hose. The joints between the hose, the filter housing and the manifold may be sealed with additional gaskets. If damaged, the gaskets should be replaced as soon as possible. If the air bypasses the filter and enters the engine directly, it may affect its performance.


  • When changing the inlet hose gaskets a good idea may be to check the condition of the air filter and replace it, if necessary
  • The amount of air entering the engine influences its combustion and general performance
  • Air bypassing the filter and entering the cylinders directly may contaminate them and cause a serious engine failure

Scope of services

  • Removing the braces holding the hose in place
  • Disconnecting the inlet hose
  • Cleaning the hose, the filter housing and the manifold off of any gasket leftovers
  • Fitting new gaskets in
  • Reconnecting the inlet hose

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