Clutch cable replacement

Clutch cable replacement

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The clutch cable wears and eventually breaks. But before it does, the clutch pedal is harder to press than normally and generates a disturbing noise when pressed. This is the last moment to react as if it breaks the clutch is disabled altogether. Clutch cable replacement requires disconnecting a faulty cable from the pedal and the release fork located by the gear box.


  • Disturbing sounds accompanying the pressing of the clutch pedal are a sign that the cable may be worn
  • Replacing the cable is a quite simple procedure, and the cable itself is inexpensive

Scope of services

  • Removing a worn clutch cable
  • Fitting a new cable in

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Additional info about the service

What is the role of the clutch?

The clutch engages or disengages the drive between the engine and the transmission, allowing smooth pulling away and stopping your car, as well as changing gears, without having to turn off the engine. The clutch is controlled by means of the clutch pedal. Its movement is transmitted by means of the clutch cable to the execution mechanism of the clutch, i.e. the clutch release fork. The cable is made from steel wires placed in a plastic sheath.

When should the clutch cable be replaced?

After many cycles of turning the clutch on and off, the cable gradually becomes worn and may break, disabling clutch control and, consequently, the car. The first signs of an imminent clutch cable failure are the difficulty operating the clutch pedal, its jamming and a disturbing sound produced by it. If this is the case, the cable should be replaced as soon as possible.

How is the clutch cable replaced?

Clutch cable replacement requires disconnecting a faulty cable from the pedal and the release fork located by the gear box. The clutch pedal may be equipped with a self-regulating mechanism responsible for keeping it in a fixed position as the clutch plate lining becomes worn and the cable stretches out. If your car is equipped with this mechanism, it is a good idea to have it replaced together with the clutch cable. Removing the clutch cable may require disassembling parts of the dashboard in order to gain access to the place where the cable passes through the dividing wall separating the cabin from the engine chamber. A new cable is fitted in the reverse order. A new cable requires preliminary adjusting.

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