Drive system repair

Drive system repair

The powertrain is one of the most precise car systems. In addition, it is comprised of elements whose replacement is very costly, such as the gearbox, the clutch, the half-shafts, and - in the case of a four-wheel drive - the camshaft and the differential. Diagnosing its failure is often time-consuming and complicated, the more so that most of the systems are controlled electronically. The most frequent failures of the powertrain include damage to the gearbox, wear of the clutch elements, failure of the drive joints, play in bearings and the camshaft support. All powertrain repairs should be performed by professional mechanics.


  • Leaking gearbox is a serious malfunction which may block the gearbox completely as a result of insufficient lubrication
  • Noisy operation of the gearbox is usually a sign that the gearbox fluid level is too low
  • A disturbing noise accompanying the changing of the gears is a sign that the gearbox or the clutch is malfunctioning
  • If you notice that the engine operates at high RPM but the car won't accelerate properly, it means that the clutch is sliding or that the dual-mass flywheel has been damaged
  • Vibrations felt during accelerating are usually caused by a failure of the half-shafts
  • If you hear a loud clatter coming from the wheels, it means that the internal half-joints have failed

Scope of services

  • Diagnosing a powertrain failure (gearbox, clutch, drive transmission elements)
  • Removing the malfunctioning elements
  • Replacing or reconditioning the malfunctioning elements

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