Complete muffler replacement

Complete muffler replacement

The end-most element of the exhaust system is comprised of a middle silencer, if any, a damper and a tile pipe. The whole silencer system is responsible for removing the fumes from the engine, cleaning them off of any contaminants and reducing the engine noise. Its components are replaceable.


  • before you buy an exhaust system component make sure that its length and diameter fit your car
  • each time you have a silencer component replaced make sure you have its mountings changed too
  • after fitting a new component in start the engine and check the system for leaks

Scope of services

  • disconnecting the faulty element by removing its mountings or using an acetylene burner
  • checking the joints for damages
  • fitting new mountings in
  • fitting a new silencer component in
  • connecting it to the neighbouring exhaust system elements by means of braces or other type of mounting

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