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Engine oil and oil filter change

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Range of services
  • Removing oil from the engine through the oil pan drain or by means of a suction device
  • Removing the old filter and fitting a new one
  • Refilling the engine with new oil
  • Checking the engine parameters by means of a diagnostic device after pouring new oil in
  • Placing an oil change reminder sticker under the hood
for PLN 50.00

Air filter replacement

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Range of services
  • Removing the air filter housing
  • Removing the air filter
  • Cleaning of the ducts through which the air enters the engine
  • Fitting a new air filter
  • Fitting the filter housing back on
  • Checking the filter's operation by means of a diagnostic tester
for PLN 16.00

Specializing in makes

Makes supported by us:

Supported makes:48

Our specialization makes:

With the greatest care, we are servicing all declared makes. However, we have not selected any specialization yet.


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