Recommended car workshops from Chorzów that offer the service Electronic stability control

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            Electronic stability control (ESC) is an active element of vehicle safety, which helps drivers avoid accidents by reducing the risk of side-slipping vehicles as well as sudden changes in direction. ESC becomes active when the driver begins to lose control of his vehicle. This is helped by the control unit of the ESC system, which uses an algorithm to calculate the torque of the vehicle in space concerning the axes of the vehicle X, Y, and Z. The ESC sensor is located in the very center of the vehicle. By activating the ABS, the vehicle is brought into the original trajectory of the vehicle.


            What car workshop networks can you find on the list of car workshops located in Chorzów that offer the service of Electronic stability control?

            In Chorzów you will find car workshops providing the service Electronic stability control, which belong to the car workshop networks: BatteryPoint

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