Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control
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The Hill Descent Control system is classified as an active onboard safety system. Using this system, going downhill has become safer and easier than before. The system controls the speed of the vehicle when descending downhill and automatically activates the brakes so that any potentially dangerous operation can be avoided. Any descent of the vehicle downhill can be quite challenging, especially for a driver with less experience, so any additional help that comes from the HDC system gives more safety and control over the vehicle and certainly brings relief and enjoyment of driving. The HDC basically controls the speed of a vehicle going downhill. The system works on the principle of reducing the speed when descending, which is predefined for downhill driving. The HDC is activated via a special button on the vehicle's instrument panel or steering wheel. By activating the system, the vehicle automatically slows down the vehicle to the required speed for a safe descent down the slope by controlled use of the brakes. The system is used not only on downhills but also on snowy surfaces as well as on grassy surfaces, where the coefficient of adhesion is very low.

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  • Reading potential faults with a diagnostic device
  • Brake system check
  • Repair depending on the detected fault
  • Replacing individual components to bring the system in proper condition
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  • Monitoring and diagnostics with a diagnostic device
  • Brake system check

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Service description

Hill Descent Control system

The HDC system controls the speed of the vehicle on the downhill. The system can also be activated by depressing the brake pedal, leaving the driver only to follow the road and the steering wheel for the necessary correction. The system can reduce the vehicle speed to 15-20km/h. If the system is activated via the button, the predefined descent speed can be 3-5 km/h, which corresponds to the speed of pedestrians on the road.

Although the system is safe and reliable, it also has its limitations. The driver must be careful on the road at all times, because it is not intended for autonomous driving, it is extremely sensitive and special attention should be paid to downhills that are steep and long.

Depending on the manufacturer, the use of the HDC system activates the rear brake lights. If this is not the case on your vehicle, it is necessary to warn the drivers behind you to slow down on the downhill by depressing the brake pedal. The system is deactivated at the HDC switch or by depressing the accelerator pedal.

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