Accelerator cable replacement

Accelerator cable replacement
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The accelerator cable transmits the movement of the accelerator pedal to the throttle lever in a petrol engine car or the injection pump actuator control arm in a diesel engine car. The steel, braided cable is placed inside a plastic sleeve and equipped with ends suitable for a given car model. The cable requires replacing when it breaks, doesn't work smoothly, gets stuck or is too loose.

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  • The gas cable must be replaced immediately after it is found defective. Otherwise it may disable your car altogether
  • With time, the cable may extend by even a few centimetres
  • If this is the case, you will notice a decrease in the maximum speed and problems with exceeding a certain RPM threshold
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Range of services

  • Disconnecting the cable ends from the accelerator pedal and the engine chamber component it controls
  • Removing the cable together with the sleeve
  • Fitting a new cable in
  • Adjusting the working length of the cable

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