Camshaft replacement

Camshaft replacement

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The camshaft is located in the cylinder head. By means of an eccentric system of rotating lobes, the camshaft converts the rotating motion into the reciprocating motion opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves. The camshaft may require replacing if the lobes crack or wear to such an extent that they are prevented from properly controlling the valves.

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  • Damage to, seizure or cracking of the camshaft usually result from insufficient lubrication
  • If you change the engine oil and filter regularly, you will extend the useful life of all engine components by ensuring their proper lubrication
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Range of services

  • Removing the valve cover
  • Removing the belt or chain
  • Removing the tappet rockers
  • Removing the camshaft
  • Fitting w new camshaft together with new bearings
  • Fitting a new valve cover gasket
  • Fitting a new timing belt together with the tension and guide rollers

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